Mercurio Rojo 20/20 Calidad (Grado Minero) a la Venta

Publicado el domingo, 14 de febrero de 2021

Pure Red Mercury For Sale - Wholesale and Retail, Discreet / Fast Shipping Worldwide. Available products: pure red mercury, red liquid mercury. We supply high quality, perfectly compounded pure red liquid mercury (cherry red mercury) online at cheap and affordable prices. 

Mining grade

*** No face-to-face business! Shipping only! **** 

We ship from Panama and the United States.

We provide product testing as a guarantee!

Origin: United States of America

Delivery in 2 business days

Minimum order: 5kg

Mining grade !!!

** Contact for a quick / instant response via WhatsApp: +1 (678) 850 9309

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₡ 1.333.020 CRC
mercurio rojo
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