HW501 One piece Intelligent Smart Toilet electronic bidet Seat Cover

Publicado el miércoles, 16 de enero de 2019

HW501 Luxury Bathroom Auto Lid instant heating Smart Intelligent Toilet

Size : 681*384*445(mm)

Roughing-in : 300/400(mm)

Rated voltage : 220-230V

Rated frequency : 50Hz

Heating system:small tank

Flushing method:Siphon Jet Flusing

Function:deep enema wash,front cleaning,bubble cleaning ,massage cleaning ,dryer,adjustable water temperature,warm seat,self-cleaning spray,infrared remote control,damper buffer function,intelligent water conservation,soft lighting,intelligent power, super flushing power.                                                    &nb sp;                                                                                                                                                                            We are professional supplier on smart toilet and bidet.

High end customers and cooperative partner witness our bidet quality. 

Hilk OEM for half of world top 10 brand in sanitary ware products.

All HILK owned intellectual propert y,Ceramic simulation engineer plastic ,double nozzle design,and  heating small water tank technology.

We are producing type factories. We have tanks of all sizes. All sorts of Heating Method , way of flushing water , Various nozzle of cleaning methods ,variety of function and a wide range of optional functions,

we can produce any special type under customer's requirement.

We offer you at competitive price at USD 140/set bidet,USD 340-550/set smart toilet.

Wish opportunity to cooperate with you.

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$ 444 USD
Hilk smart toilet
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